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Manna from Heaven
6:06 p.m. - 2003-07-15

I meant to eat healthy today, really I did. At work, Darsey wrote me a note asking what I knew about Vi's dietary habits, because they know she chats with me the most. And yesterday was Vi's birthday, but nobody did anything, because we didn't know it was her birthday. Vi, being a very nice lady of the golden years, is new in our department, and is a wiz at map checking and amazes me with the knowledge she has accumulated from a lifetime in the business. So after a while, I engaged Vi in conversation about her allergies, and she chatted about that for a bit, blowing away our hopes of getting her a cheescake, her favorite, as she is now lactose intolerant. Then Darsey came over and cleverly steered the conversation to sweets and our favorites; the girl should have joined the CIA, she is such a good spy. We found out that Vi loves carrot cake. While I was out at lunch, the boss bought a huge Kirschtorte and a giant carrot cake.

Meanwhile, at lunch, I went to McDonalds and ordered a hamburger and milk at the drive-up window, figuring that this is not too caloric. After paying, they handed me the bag, and I drove into the surrounding neighborhood and found a nice shady spot to park, read my book and eat lunch. I opened the bag, and inside were a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fries. No milk. I did not want to drive all the way back and have a hassle for lunch, so I decided God wanted me to eat this. And it was gooooood.

It is not quite so hot today, and I am making chili mac for dinner. I am about to go out and cut some arugula for the salad. Last year I had a few arugula plants but never got around to harvesting them in time, and they went to seed. This year my garden is just full of all these pretty little plants just waiting to become my salad. Another example of laziness being rewarded in life. I got the onions left over from last year replanted on Sunday, and have achieved my dream of a whole bed full of multiplying onions, so I will always have green onions when I need to make, say, potato salad. Onions are amazing plants. He always saves them when he is digging up the garden, and stands them up in a bucket or box, but it took forever for me to get them planted again, dividing them and spacing them out. They sat, all dried up, in the blazing sun for weeks and weeks, but stick them in the ground, and they are green again pronto. Good survivors. (Until I eat them).

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