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Lazy Hazy Crazy Daze of Summer
9:23 p.m. - 2003-07-17

I had to go on my lunch hour to get gas yesterday, and as I tried to turn into the gas station, this elderly woman stopped her car right in front of me, blocking the way to the pumps, and sat there looking the pumps over. Every time I tried to go around her, she would move a little, but I finally got around her and got my gas. I saw that she had finally chosen the pumps next to the office, and she proceeded to sound her horn in a demanding manner. There was no handicapped sign on her car. Since all the pumps are self-serve, nothing happened for a while, except that the honking sounded more and more irritated and demanding. Finally, ignorance and bad manners were rewarded and the clerk came out and actually pumped her gas for her.

We are still roasting, and I am tired out from it. Today Abby and I decided to take refuge in the movie theater after work and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, or Johnny Depp as the Gay Blade. All in all, a very enjoyable movie, and while the Depp portrayal of a pirate was puzzling, it was very amusing. I think it would be way too scary for little kids, but bigger kids will love it. And the hero is very pretty.

Haven't seen the EGs in a couple of weeks, because, well, I don't know why except that I am not really going to drive all the way out to their new abode, and it wasn't my idea for them to move to the back of beyond. Maybe they are on a trip. Jason is coming up on his eye operation which should be in a few weeks, and is having the preliminary tests. He is looking forward to seeing better, and is very interested in it all. His new computer arrived, and Joel is going to help him set it up Saturday morning. When we went over there on Wednesday, he was watching a nature show about the ocean. That TV is so huge, it was like you were swimming along with the fishies. But Wheel of Fortune is not more impressive on a big screen, though Vanna looks just as good.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. He tells me that the company picnic is on Saturday, but no way am I going to go out in 100 degree weather and sit in the park, even to eat barbeque, and that says a lot about how tired I am of this heat.

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