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O'er Your Shoulder The Early Morning Shines
6:29 p.m. - 2003-07-19

Got up in the cool of the morning to take my walk, but it was still warm, and I had unfortunately worn a sweat jacket, so I cut the walk short and went home. I went out into the backyard to work. I got my beans planted and some watering done, and started some onions and dianthus. While I worked, the air changed, starting with a fluttering of the leaves, then a perceptible cooling of the air and a genuine breeze swept through.

After several hours, I was wet and muddy, so I came in and scrubbed toilets, and steam cleaned the hall bathroom. I got all cleaned up myself, having decided to go to the office picnic, because it was not going to be heatstroke weather. I fussed with my hair for awhile before I remembered I would be wearing my straw hat so what did it matter? Abby came to tell me that the new neighbor guy wanted us to move the old Buick because they were taking their tree down. I went out there, and he told me that after they heard a wierd cracking sound, they came out to find a limb across our van in the driveway. He looked a little nervous until I told him the van was dead in its tracks, and I wouldn't care if he squished it as long as he hauled it off for us. After moving the Buick, I went back in to iron my Hawaiian shirt. Just then, he came home from his meeting on the peninsula and we left for the picnic.

It was at Castle Rock Park this year, which means that it was not being catered by Texas Back Forty BBQ, so I should really find these things out before I commit myself to an enterprise on a semi-hot day. They had chicken and tritips, which was good, but when we have been there before they had hamburgers, too, and I missed that. We consoled ourselves with the thought of all the ice cream bars you want, but when we went to the dessert shack, they told Abby she could not get the ice cream she wanted because we did not have the wrist tags that entitled us to upscale ice cream bars. We took our lower status ice creams and went back to the company picnic area. Plus, they marked our wrist tags to show we had gotten our ice cream so we could not get another. Cheapskates. However, all was forgotten when I found out that he was going to sit on the seat in the dunking booth. There is a son of one of the company people who can hit anything with a baseball, so I told the boy that his work was not yet done. It turned out that he was not needed, though, because the baseball thrown by a determined 4-year-old did the trick, and my spouse ended up in the drink. He is a good sport.

Then we came back home and I sewed for a bit and watched Spirited Away, which I liked a lot, but Abby found weird. She just doesn't watch enough Japanese television to get the whole spirit world schtick, but I enjoyed both the story and animation. Now, we will watch Trading Spaces and have an enjoyable Saturday night.

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