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A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
5:41 p.m. - 2003-07-23

I spent two days trying to get a doctor appointment at Kaiser and finally they called me back to tell me my appointment is on the only afternoon I have booked in the next six months - the day of the big wedding. So I am back to square one, and tomorrow I will call them and cancel and start over.

Yesterday was cheery, due to the demise of the Hussein offspring. We were having a potluck at work for Dougie's birthday, and Darsey expressed regret that she was eating more than she should. I told her to think of it as a Welcome to Hell party celebration for the spawn of Saddam, and to party on.

Tomorrow I will go with the spouse to the grand opening party for the new theater complex in Almond River. I had to get a new outfit and everything, and not only is it a big ritzy do, but we get to see a free movie too! Don't know which one yet, but we are hoping for Seabiscuit. He says he drives by there to check out the place, and it doesn't look too finished to him, but we shall see how they pull it all together.

I haven't been to a fancy party for awhile. Not since the millionaire's birthday party, in fact.

Time to go to Jason's house.

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