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Hold the Tortilla
3:35 p.m. - 2003-07-27

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the rugs with a Rug Doctor rented from the local hardware store. They really are pretty easy to operate, and I was pleased with the outcome except that the rug in my kitchen/dining area now rippled in stretched out waves. I hoped for the best, and as it dried, it straightened itself out and now is flat again. Then I called up Jason and told him I had the rug cleaner, so I went over there about 3 in the afternoon and cleaned his livingroom rug. That is hard work on a hot day, and for a reward, my kindly husband (who is supposed to do the dishes on Saturday nights) took us out for Mexican food (like he doesn't get enough of that at home, but it is more fun without the dishes to do).

I did not feel like the usual combo plate; I just wanted beans and rice and some corn tortillas and a little guac. The restaurant did not have a list of sides, only set meals. So when the waiter came over to the table, I ordered the bean and rice burrito, but hold the tortilla. It took three tries to explain it to him, but finally he said, "You mean just on the plate?" and I said, yes. When my spouse ordered a pork burrito, the waiter said "With tortilla??!?" When the dinner came, there was a ton of stuff on the plate, including a generous dollop of guacamole, so I turned to the waiter and asked for some corn tortillas, which he brought me, looking at me oddly. "Crazy lady," I am sure he was thinking.

I love the hot fresh corn tortillas they serve in the little lidded container, but I sure hate that big soggy mess of a flour tortilla that is usually wrapped around the mondo burritos. Blechh.

Today I worked in the yard most of the morning, then took Abby to the fabric store to buy that gold-colored thread for hemming jeans. We are going to have a jean shortening fest in a little while. She invited the Bean over and they are at present Simming on the old computer. I can't believe how tall Bean has gotten this summer, the top of her head comes up almost to my nose.

Tonight when he comes home from the office, which he is still cleaning up (a Herculean task), he is going to BBQ some chicken. I will make cucumber salad, because I have about a dozen of them. We also picked about a bushel of apples today after testing one and finding it tasty. Abby might make some crisp.

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