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After The Ball Is Over
5:16 p.m. - 2003-07-31

I forgot to describe the party at the opening of the new Century Cinema multiplex last week. When we drove in to town, we parked in the lot by Andronico's and walked down the block to the new theater. I was wearing my new green linen outfit, which I might just decide to wear to the upcoming wedding. We could see a big line of people waiting that stretched from the front door of the lobby, around the corner, and down the block. When I saw that we would have to wait outside for awhile, I was glad a breeze had sprung up because it had been hot that day. We said "hi" to the former lady mayor and got in line behind an older couple. The breeze speedily wrecked my hairdo, but it is better to be cool than beautiful. The lady in front of us turned out to be an upscale flaming liberal, and she proceded to rant on and on about how much the recall election was costing the state (and where was she when the gov was taking all of us into the cesspool of fiscal insolvency?) and other things, and generally just scattered the pearls of her ignorance and prejudice all over the place. I just smiled because no sense arguing with strangers and besides, I was hungry.

My husband had told me that assorted local restaurants would be providing samples of their wares inside, so I was looking forward to that. However, when we finally got in, the crush of humanity was intense and the lines at all the food tables were mob scenes. I managed to get some pasta from Rocco's (very good!) and some cookies and ice cream (I must say, it is nice to have waiters walking around with hor d'oerve trays with little ice cream cones on them, and I know I don't know how to spell hor d'ouerve) and then I waited forever to get some tritip sandwiches from the Buckhorn table. The theater was also providing free popcorn, sodas and hot dogs, and other tables had shrimp on a stick and ceviche (no thank you, raw fish at a movie not my thing). When the movie start time came, everyone left the lobby so I went back to the now deserted Buckhorn table and got another serving. I took it into the theater with me and shared it with my husband. We agreed that slabs of beef is really a great dessert.

We saw Seabiscuit, which I enjoyed very much. It sparked my interest in the real story so I ordered the book it was based on.

Today was the end-of-the-month namerun, and it turned out to be more exciting than usual. My boss did the actual namerun herself and sent me on a drive to the county seat to deliver some docs that had been misplaced and needed to be recorded. A field trip! When I got back, the namerun was done and my day began.

Now I am going to watch the Amazing Race that Abby recorded for me last week and have a lovely evening.

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