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Stand Navy Out To Sea
1:34 p.m. - 2003-08-05

I am now the owner of The Silver Curlew and The Glass Slipper, both by Eleanor Farjeon. I am still waiting for the Glass Slipper to arrive in the mail, but the copy of The Silver Curlew was so beautiful and in such good shape that I am optimistic about the other one. I spent many happy hours as a young girl reading those two books, so why are they being excommunicated from modern library shelves? Now that I have most of the E. Enright books and the Edward Eager books, I feel better. What I would really like is a complete set of the Sue Barton nurse books, but they are at present too expensive. I did, however, place the order on the internet for the Glass Slipper all by myself, including a hardbound copy of Baby Island, in case my paperback falls apart.

I am off work for a few days so am just puttering around. I went to the library and got some videos and books on tape so now I am going to sew. Yesterday I found about 5/8 of a yard of red linen and managed to fit that sleeveless peasant top pattern of Abby's on it. I did some decorative stitching down the center front and finished sewing it last evening. A really cute top out of what I thought was an unusable scrap. It looks really good on her too. I ran across the Indian fabrics chosen by my daughters who wanted me to make them peasant tops, and I may get started on that. I am tired of setting in sleeves and sewing on cuffs and collars, so it would be fun to sew something fast and simple, and I do love sewing on pretty fabrics.

I am still tired from tramping all over that aircraft carrier (see on Saturday, but I should go do my weight lifting anyway instead of lazing around. The tour on the carrier lasted over 2 hours, maybe over 3, and we went up and down stairs and over gangways and in and out of lots of places. It was fascinating. My endurance has increased and I did fine until the very end when we had to walk up a very long non-operational escalator to an open deck with a great view across the bay to SF. After that I was really tired, but very much stronger in my admiration for the Navy.

I think Abby and I are going to make tortillas this afternoon, because we need to have leftovers for dinner and it won't be so onerous if it is wrapped in a fresh tortilla.

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