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Rising Sun
7:52 a.m. - 2003-08-10

Today I am going to make some rolls and work on a Sponge Bob Square Pants picture. Darsey's birthday at work is on Tuesday, and the Boss is decorating in a Sponge Bob theme. Since the office has been in a dither about why we are not allowed to wear capri pants, I am to draw a picture of SB in capri pants and heels. I got a kick out of Vi, who is old enough not to care what the brass thinks about our clothes, and she refuses to change her wardrobe to suit them. She has some gorgeous silky capri outfits that are so dressy that they are entirely appropriate for the office, so she wears them anyway.

I spent this early morning driving back from the SF airport, and it was surprisingly difficult. The sun was just at the perfect level to hit one in the eyes, and it was so blinding you couldn't even read the road signs. When I was crossing the Bay Bridge, the sun caused a strobe-like flicker through the bridge railings that was maddening and nothing could block it out. I am surprised it wasn't like those Japanese cartoons that caused people to have seizures.

I found out that my husband's brother has plans to sell their upscale home and that they have already bought a home being built in Brentwood! Way out in the sticks! I don't know what on earth they are going to do way out there, hours from freeway access, their church, friends, family, everything. Why do I care? Because they often host the family holiday functions and now we will either have to drive way out to the EG's retirement community or way out to west county. Phooey. However, it still beats me being the host and having to clean my own house up for company.

I am presently listening to The Horse Whisperer, which is pretty good, though I fast forwarded through the ghastly accident description. When Abby and I were binding her quilt, we watched Monsoon Wedding (OK, though hard to catch the dialog), Men in Black II (flattly edited, I could have done a better job myself), What a Girl Wants (liked it very much), and Nicolas Nickleby (good!).

I'd better go start the bread machine.

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