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A Flash Flood of Old Memories
5:44 p.m. - 2003-08-21

Last night at Jason's, while we were watching the news, the newsreader was talking about flash floods somewhere. I asked Jason if he had ever been in one. He told me that when he used to live in the Imperial Valley, the flash floods would come down the washes. The roads were not so engineered as they are now, and they went across the flat, up a slope, down into the wash, and up the other side. He was coming home in the dark, and went up the slope and headed down into the wash, only to see the gleam of rushing water right in front of him. He says it was a truly scary moment, because he could not stop the car, now hurtling down the slope toward his potential doom. His car hit the water, and that's when he found out it was only about 12 inches deep, so he was saved. So it was faux-danger, but the fear was very real.

We had freakish thunderstorms today, I mean it is August in California! My nice oak chairs, recently given back to me by Jason, who was chair-sitting them, got all wet, but I buffed them off and now have them in the dining area. I was so busy covering things up on the patio and moving stuff into the garage that I forgot that a quilty lady was supposed to come by and drop off some papers for him. I never heard anything so she probably didn't make it.

I had an exciting namerun with a down-to-the-wire finish this morning. A support judgment came up on some guy, and the only way to clear it is to find out his social security number or his driver's license number. This info is supposed to be on the computer somewhere, but no, why do the obvious? So the file will have to be pulled unless I can get in touch with someone from the office the file originated from. I know they are there, but that office hardly ever answers the phone before the official opening time, and sometimes not even then. But I was lucky and managed to get someone who answered, who tried to find the info I needed, but then said he would transfer me to another lady, but of course, she wouldn't answer her phone. I gave up and asked the boss if I should pull it. She said yes (my time was now totally up, in fact, the recording ladies were on another phone calling to see why I hadn't called yet) so I picked up the phone to call in the pull, when Ted called on another line with the info, and the file was saved. Two seconds from a pull, and then suddenly snatched from the fire of title doom! Earlier, when I was still trying to reach someone at that office, I left a scary "I'm going to pull your file in five minutes" message on the EO's phone, so her frantic assistant called me later in the day to see if her file was dead. I toyed with her a bit, telling her she should have put the info on the computer, but then I told her that Ted had saved her business derriere.

I found my Wallaby pattern so now I am going to go find some yarn to make a size 2 sweater. It should go faster than usual because it is always interesting to try something new.

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