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Just Fly, Fly, Fly, Dragonfly
5:44 p.m. - 2003-08-28

I asked Jason last night if he had ever gotten into any trouble in school. He said no, he never even got sent to the principal for anything, but I got the idea that it wasn't that he was so saintly, it was just that he didn't get caught. He told me that they had some sodium in soft metal form in the chem lab, and the boys discovered that if you throw a chunk in water, you get a nice little explosion. So the boys saved a little bit of it, and when rainy weather came around, they hung out the upstairs windows at the high school and threw the stuff into puddles just as some girl was walking by.

He picked the pears off the tree the day before yesterday, and of course, he fell off the ladder into the screen door and scraped his elbow. The reason this happened (I will add here that Joel and I were laughing as he told this, but really, he fell twice in the creek, and now he does dumb ladder tricks) is that he stood on the very top of the ladder (!) and a great big dragonfly landed right on the bridge of his nose. He jerked his head one way, got poked by a twig on the pear tree, lurched the other way, and by this time the ladder decided to get out of the way.

Craig came over last night to drop off some books, not for us, thank goodness, but so we could donate them to the library book sale. The only book we kept was a Calvin and Hobbs book. Craig was talking about moving out to Brentwood and paring down their possessions. I told him that we could not wrap our minds around it, but he said that if they decide to drive to Boston, they will be one hour closer. I like that answer.

The baby sweater is coming along nicely, am done with one sleeve and starting another. I had forgotten how organized I was, and when I was wondering if I had any size 6 DP needles, I found a little card I had filled out with all the needles I presently own marked on it in a chart, so I can see at a glance if I have them or not. I amaze myself.

Tomorrow is the end of the month namerun, so I better go rest up for it...

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