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Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation!
6:03 p.m. - 2003-09-04

Was talking to Jane last night and she told me a funny story. She went to the movies with Jellie to see Freaky Friday. They got their tickets, went to the indicated theater and sat down, and after awhile Jane was beginning to be uncomfortable with the creepy nature of the "trailer" plus, it was so long. After awhile she realized that it was the movie itself, and the stupid ticket teenboy had sent them to the latest Jason hack and slash movie (Freaky Friday and Friday the 13th being interchangeable). She had to get up and leave, and she says she felt embarrassed that the people there were wondering why she would take a young girl to such a scary and adult movie, in classic bad mom behavior. She did get free tickets to redeem later though.

When I went over to Jason's last night, the guy who owns the house next door came up to me and shook my hand and asked me to give the box of matches (the big kind) back to my dad. He oozed charm and good will. When I gave the message and matches to Jason, he called the guy a cheapskate and was appalled at how many matches he had used up. He said that the guy and his wife had been over all day borrowing things that they could just as easily have gone and bought for themselves. He told me that they are both high school teachers. I had never met a HS teacher that oozed charm before. Is that a good thing? I told the Great Jasoni that it could have been worse - the guy could have invited himself in and sat down to watch TV for hours.

I am flabbergasted at the way the baby shower at work is spiraling out of $ control. I expected to give a gift, so I knitted a wallaby, but now I find out that because she doesn't really have anything for the baby (which is what happens, duh, when you go get pregnant without the benefit of matrimony) they are getting her a stroller (OK, I figured I maybe could scrape up $20 to contribute for that) AND a highchair AND a carseat AND something else, but my mind was numb by that time. Bob, who comes in to work contract from time to time, pitched in $100!!! So I feel that $20 is all I can afford, sort of, and no way would I contribute $100 to an office person, when my family needs it more! Luckily, I have established a poor person persona, which is useful in these circumstances as well as having the benefit of being true.

We woke up yesterday to lightning, thunder, then a sudden downpour. In August. I know that people in the east are used to this stuff, but here, it stops raining in April, and that is IT (usually) until maybe January, with only a few minor rains in the late fall, maybe, some years. Maybe the Almighty is trying to zot our state, which is understandable after all. And it is muggy, which is very rare. Blech.

Because I came home from work to find the AC all iced up and dripping on my new IKEA shelves, which stood up to the onslaught magnificently, I spent what should have been relaxy time mopping and ironing 200 pages of my Fanny Farmer Cookbook. Because of this, and the fact that he really doesn't want to do dishes, we are going out to eat. Someone's at the door....

Holy Cow, I was sitting here about to get up from the computer when we had a little quake. Never experienced one at the computer before - the screen sort of leaned away from me and back again. But the Ooo's were twitching a little, a sure sign. We either look at them or at the ballchains hanging from the bedroom lamps to tell. Ooos is pronounced the same as ooze, and refers to the hanging prisms in front of the back doors. The name came about because of the rainbows thrown onto the walls in the wintertime, to a chorus of "Ooooooo, look!" from all the little kids.

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