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Sweet Pear, Sweet Pear
5:42 p.m. - 2003-09-05

I cannot describe to youall how much I love Friday. I am so tired of being a working woman, but on the plus side, the AC seems to be working right now this minute. This weekend I must prepare for a lot of stuff that is going to happen next week. Melissa is coming home for the wedding, so that is good, we are having that shower on Wednesday, a birthday party at the office on Monday, the wedding on Friday, the Beadathon on Saturday, plus dinner at C & S's. All this means that I have to finish up the Wallaby, put sheets on the bed in the girls' room, cook food for the office birthday potluck, and find something not too grotesque to wear to the wedding. Since I basically don't care, since I will be going to it straight from work, that is the easy part. Oh, and I have to get my hair cut and go to the bank. There, wasn't that enthralling.

I went to lunch today and apparently while I was gone, Darsey sent me an email about how much they were contributing to the baby shower, and since I didn't answer (because I was not there) she must have thought that they scared me off, because I got another email saying that I did not have to contribute if I didn't want to etc. I had brought $20 to contribute, but because they didn't work it out before lunch, I confess I ate up $5 of it, so I only contributed $15. So now I am done with that part of it.

Still have lots of Jason pears left, all over the kitchen table. They all came ripe at once, and I am not looking forward to yet another job of "putting up". If they weren't such delicious pears (from the Millionaire's tree) I wouldn't care, but they are super good.

He just came home from work and has requested something "hearty" for dinner, so I better go warm up my fry pan and stir up some cholesterol.

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