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Beef and Babies
6:29 p.m. - 2003-09-06

What a nice day! We already did our errands, such as haircut and bank, and Container Store, and then we ate lunch at the Buckhorn. Just as he was saying something about stopping at Craig's house on the way home, Craig came walking by. He had been to Andronico's to pick up a schedule for catering for the post wedding dinner. He sat down and chatted for awhile, and we will see him again on Friday at the wedding. They were having Art On The Main, but phooey on culture, we were tired so we bought some milk and went home.

I had gone to Half Price Books this morning and had purchased some new-to-me exercise videos, including some early Firm tapes, so I watched one to see how it was. On the plus side, it was easy to follow, but on the negative side, I can see that it will almost cause my demise. Maybe I will start out just doing part of it and work up. I also found a book on Sugar Busters, which seems like a sensible program. This is the one Amanda has had such success on, losing over 50 pounds so far. It seems to me that the only weird thing about it is whole grain pasta and brown rice, neither of which is my favorite thing, but better than no pasta or rice at all. And I write this while licking the rest of the chocolate ice cream off my spoon.

There were some cute babies at the Buckhorn, and he still has that indefinable "IT" that attracts small children and babies. In no time at all, they were grinning at each other and laughing. The mom told me that the baby's name was Riley, so I don't know if it was a boy or girl. There was some TV show I used to watch that had a character named Riley, was that Buffy? People now seem to give their kids nickname kind of names with more "cuteness" than dignity, and you don't see the really serious businesslike names like say, Edna St.Vincent Millay. Now you get Tiffani Marie Hogwash etc., or Zak Joaquin Bumpkis. Actually, as long as his real name was Zachary Joaquin it would be fine, but you see boys who have the less dignified name as their real name. Names like James Hetherington Babcock look better on a business card than Dakota Peacesign Babcock, and Eulalia Maria Arriano looks so much more impressive than Kortnee Ann Smith. I don't think I would choose a surgeon named Kortnee, just because it brings to mind an airhead bimbo (sorry, but this is true). If you give a baby a nice all-purpose timeless name, you can always call it whatever you want for a nickname, hence my niece The Bean.

Holy Moly, as I sit here at the computer, I see the first Ooo's of the season, which are beautiful but annoying as they flash across the screen. Time for me to go finish up that wallaby and watch Trading Spaces. My present life is so fraught with adventure!

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