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By The Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea
6:06 p.m. - 2003-09-18

Stupid weather is hot again. The computers at work are slow this week, so to use up time waiting for various things to load, print or just move on along, I used some scrap paper to make a little notebook and at odd moments I sketch ideas for carving. I left it on the desk while I went off to do something (it has a plain cover) and all I have to say is that if you are going to peek into something on a person's desk, you should not do it right after you have been to the department candy jar, because the chocolate finger prints will give you away.

Because of sickness and vacations, we are very short of staff this week, and the work is piling up. However, it has gotten to such a hopeless state that I no longer worry about being behind, because it would be pointless. I got a call this afternoon from some poor guy who had been passed from person to person on the voicemail merry-go-round for two weeks. He apologized for losing his temper and swearing on someone's voicemail (I think Bernadette's, but she is on maternity leave), so I was sweet to him and got Sue to talk to him. She talked to him for a long time, answering his questions, and he said she was the nicest person he had talked to in two weeks.

I went out at lunch to Aaron's Art Mart, and they are now carrying Donna Kato's PolyClay! Now I get to try out the best on the market, since I bought 3/4 of a pound of translucent. It was actually cheaper than that other clay.

Jason is doing fine, though he has to wear his glasses lopsided since the vision in one eye is improved, and his glasses have not been changed. It will be some months until they do the other eye. We got to talking about what Joel should have for his birthday dinner, and Jane was all for steak with a baked potato bar, and a sort of pot luck salad and potato topping thing, and we got all excited about it, but after awhile, Joel asked if he gets to choose his own dinner (sarcastic!) so maybe our great idea will not come to pass. He is thinking along the lines of tacquitos and quac though, so it is good whichever way you look at it.

Jellie was telling me all about their trip to Monterey, where they played on the beach and stayed in Motel 6. Joel says they were on the beach and a whole herd of whales went by offshore, leaping and spouting. Someone on the beach thought they were dolphins, but Joel says they were big, black with white undersides, and obviously killer whales. This amused me to think of all those nature lover types who pay big bucks to take a boat out on the off chance of seeing some whales, and the 3 J's were just sitting on the beach and get a spectacular show. Did this impress Jellie? Apparently not, because all she kept telling me was about a big clam she found.

Got to go dish up dinner (Arroz con Pollo).

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