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We're Having A Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave
2:29 p.m. - 2003-09-20

Last night we went to see the EGs on the occasion of the 81th birthday of my husband's father. Grandpa says he is going to the gym and was telling me how the machines work in this new techno age. He is actually looking perkier than usual which was good to see. He has always had the ability to reinvent himself through the various stages of his life. Now that they have cast off the responsibilities of their large home, they seem relaxed and are enjoying travel and old and new friends. I was soooo tired though. Not much talk about this stupid recall election, or lack thereof, because we have all evolved past the eyerolling stage at the antics of the Ninth Circuit Court. What a joke, almost as bad as Rose Bird.

I still have lots of Saturday left, and have already acquired two new skills. I tried combining terracotta clay with embossing powders and that was cool, then I invented a new way to make oblong beads that don't look nearly as lame as usual! I stamped the clay pendant with one of my handcarved stamps (sunburst), then brushed verdigris embossing powder in the indentations and baked it off. And it would have stayed cool too, if I hadn't touched it and smeared it while it was still hot. But I sanded it again, reembossed it, and tried again. Still looks good, but not as good as it WOULD have been if I wasn't such a clutz.

While I was working, I had the toaster oven on for clay baking so did not turn on the AC (we have touchy fuses). I went out to start some washing, and saw that the temperature on the pole by the garage was already over 100 degrees and it was still morning! Good grief, it is FALL already! Or at least, it will be tomorrow. The spouse was out trying to start the lawn mower, but just came in looking like a drowned rat, and then left to go buy a spark plug for the mower.

I was going to try to clean up the living room today, but since it is so hot, I think I will sit around and sip iced drinks and maybe knit a little.

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