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Bicycle Thieves Are The Worst Kind Of Thieves
6:02 p.m. - 2003-09-23

I spent a relaxing weekend puttering around, but while I was doing this, someone sneaked into the backyard and stole my husband's nice bicycle. Gives one the creeps to think of some stranger prowling around. Something good has come out of this, however. He has always thought I was a little nuts for wanting to lock the door up promptly at night and for worrying about the things he leaves out, but now he himself is a crime victim, and his outlook is changed.

How's about that smack down for the Ninth Circuit Court?!! It must be embarrassing to be on that court, the most overturned in the country. Now the election is back on, and I am pondering who to vote for.

The weather guys and gals say we are due for a cooling trend, and I hope so because over 100 degrees in September must be hard on the little kids in our worn down unAC'd schools.

I had been looking forward to the beginning of the big book give-away at the library back lot, but it was so blazing hot, and there were almost no children's books. I am going to go back and look again when the weather is cooler. Can you imagine how hot it must have been for me to be surrounded by a huge lot full of boxes of free books and I only got 3 before I gave up and went back to my cool car?

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