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Pizza Pizza
5:43 p.m. - 2003-09-25

Today I worked hard, as usual, but now I am making pizza for dinner and to take to the office tomorrow for Amor's birthday feed. I am going to put fresh mozzarella and dried-tomato pesto on it, and lots of other cheese. Right now the dough is rising.

In other areas,

I'm Mrs. Remus Lupin
The HP Male Marriage Quiz made by Sapphire.

I am afraid I do not remember who Remus Lupin is so maybe someone who read the books more recently than I will email me and tell me. I confess, I have not started the new one yet, but it is sitting there in my bedroom waiting for my vacation. I went a little crazy at the library book give-away and now have a whole trunk full of books, but most of them are frivolous reads and not keepers. But you never know when a keeper will leap out of the crowd and latch on to your life. A lot of really good writers get their start with frivolous little things. Once long ago, I read a Silouette Romance (in the days before everything was super smutty) and it turned out to be beautifully written with well thought out characters and good locale. You just never know.

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