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San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate
12:35 p.m. - 2003-10-05

My vacation has begun, but so far I have worked like a dog. I set out late Friday to make the 8 dozen deviled eggs when I got a call from Auntie M. She told me that she had read in Sunset magazine about a place in San Francisco called Scrap that attempts to sell off discards and remnants from businesses and people and therefore keep tons of stuff out of the landfill. She wanted to drive in to see it and invited me to go with her. I am up for most adventures so we set out the next morning. I wasn't too impressed with the place, since the prices were surprisingly high, but on the way to lunch, Auntie M pointed out a box in the back seat of the car that contained a Wilton device sort of like a cookie press. She told me that she uses it for deviled eggs and gave it to me to try out. Man oh man, I have got to get me one of those. It made such short work of filling the eggs, I was impressed, and the yolks looked so much fancier than my usual slightly messy version.

After Scrap, we drove back toward home, then I treated Auntie M to lunch at the Pasta Primavera Cafe, where the service was horrible, and the food delicious. I left no tip. Then I took her to the library book give-away, and she found a lot she wanted, and I found some good ones too. I got several Georgette Heyer, and Dorothy Stevenson novels. I also got one for Jason by the author of Andersonville, and he was pleased to get it. Back home again, I tackled the rest of the food, rested, then went on to Joel's party. Evan did a most excellent job on the tri tip, and Auntie M made the baked potatoes half in the microwave, and finished up in the oven. Turned out very well. Her method interested me, I don't know why since I don't have a microwave.

Talked at length with Alex about his classes at the SF Academy of Art College. He is very enthusiastic and loving it. Doing color theory now which he says is very hard. I don't know why people find it hard, color is easy. He forgot his portfolio, but showed me his sketch book. He says it is super being in the city up on the top floor of a tall building with windows all around in a life drawing class. I think he likes the excitement and tempo of the city. He is still working in the law firm doing the visual forensics. It was nice to see him so happy.

Now I am back from church and ready to start my vacation properly by making a mess.

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