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I'll Be Glad When You're Gone, You Rascal You
4:00 p.m. - 2003-10-07

On this historic day, I put on my little backpack and set off on foot to go kick out the governor of California. Business was brisk, and the turnout is being called a "record". Yesterday I ran across a good article by Jill Stewart ( that described how the LA Times killed a story about abuse of women by the gov and did a Dirty Tricks Thursday piece on Arnold instead. What is the country coming to when the newspapers are so openly dishonest and biased? Glad to see they are taking a lot of heat for it though. Ethics in journalism - what a joke.

On the way to the polling place, I smelled a gas leak coming from the cute little house around the corner. I wasn't sure, so I went and voted, but on the way home I still smelled it, so I had to knock on the door and tell them their house was going to explode. A slightly rumpled young woman came to the door, obviously still in bed at 8:15 in the morning, and I told her you could smell the gas from the street and even stronger as you got closer to her gas meter. She said "Oh yeah, I noticed that too...." in a vague manner. Golly gumbo, what a bozo. I told her to call PG&E and that they would fix it up for free. Hope she does it as that house is a little too close to mine if it does explode. If I still smell the gas in a few days, I will call the gas company myself. Saving the world is sooo tiring...

Today I had the locksmith out to fix the French (boo, hiss) door, which has not been locking completely. He lubed it up and now it sort of works, but he said it needs a new box at a cost of $350. I laughed a bit, and gave him the cold day in hell speech. We discussed why this very expensive lock only lasted 10 years when you can buy a cheap one at the hardware store and have it last 50 years. Last upscale lock I will ever buy, and it was highly rated too. So I called the hubster at the office and we decided to just let the door limp along but put in a deadbolt. The $20 solution to a $350 problem.

Tonight he has to deliver all those books Craig brought over so he said not to cook dinner (ahhhh) and I can help him with the books and then we can go out to dinner. After that we will come back and watch the election results or lack thereof.

I made two necklaces today and am working on a third. One is a turquoise/coral sort of thing, another is faux bone and African trade beads, and the third is electric aqua and rainbow arrows that I got on the Sacramento bead-a-thon trip.

Back to work...

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