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To The Manor Born
5:26 p.m. - 2003-10-12

I should spend a bit of time glooming about having to go back to work tomorrow, but such is life. I spent this morning thinking about buying a bench lathe with a polishing/buffing wheel, so I looked it up on the computer and it costs way too much for a hobby thing. It was supposed to be my birthday present. I had to think of something else to be my present, but in the meantime I decided to improvise a bench lathe, since I have a Dremel tool anyway. I cut a scrap of old blue jean into circles, sewed them together near the center, then gave it my awl. After that, I put it on the Dremel and golly gee, it worked (after a few refinements which included stopping the wheel from flying across the room). It did, however, throw lint all over the room, so I ended up vacuuming, but still, I was proud of myself. I polished a few pieces, and their finished state impresses even me. So I see that I will be able to manufacture faux turquoise, amber, and other things too expensive to buy.

Warmer today. Arnold was on the front page of the paper again, and it looks like this recall is going to have entertainment value far after the fact. The Dems are livid, practically foaming at the mouth. In all the yammering about the recall, nobody mentioned how fun it was. And to all detractors I say, "Bite me".

Because we were out of town this week, my birthday dinner at Jason's was put off until next Saturday. Auntie M has that weekend off from the hospital so will be able to come down. Maybe I will take her to the library book sale. I have already finished several of my free books and they were pretty good, including one by Jane Aiken Hodge that was excellent and caused me to go online and look up the Duchess of Devonshire and her sister, the Countess of Bessborough. The more I hear about the English aristocracy of years gone by, the more I am not surprised by the antics of the present batch. What a bunch of amoral abusive slimeballs some of them were. The book I read was called "The Lost Garden".

I sewed a little today and am ironing some shirts while I watch TV. I am going to make tostadas for dinner because it is a sneaky way to slip a vegetarian meal past the meat and potatoes spouse, and because I have to have my corn tortillas one way or another. Better go start cooking.

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