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Stuffed Peppers
6:49 p.m. - 2003-10-16

Some days things just work out OK. I was puttering around the backyard, pulling up mutant sprouts from the acacia tree that the neighbors had taken out (that are coming up through the deck and everywhere else - triffids!) when I started thinking about what to make for dinner. I was tired and did not want to cook, just wanted to snack and watch TV. Then the phone rang. He has a big meeting tonight at which he has to give a presentation and I don't have to cook!!

In other food news, Jason has not been able to find the Swedish meatballs for my birthday dinner so I will probably have hamburger gravy instead, which is what I usually have. Here I thought I would make it easy on him by picking a prepared product, and he ended up going all over town looking for it because the place he got it before does not have it now. I tried to convince him that one is as good as the other. I got a call from him at work today asking me what kind of corn was that I meant on my birthday menu. He told me that he must have the wrong work phone number for me because he called up and got someone named Ruby. Ruby said she never heard of someone named Cynthia who works at our office, and Jason said "Well she goes there, but she doesn't work!" but alas, Ruby had no sense of humor. If I ever run into her (she must work down the hall) she will think I am a...well, I don't know what people think when they contact my family for the first time.

Today was National Boss Day, or some such thing, and Darsey got a card for us to sign, and it was a great card. The front said something about what a great boss she was, but the inside said that this was probably the first time she ever got a butt kiss in an envelope.

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