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Down in Old Brazil
4:13 p.m. - 2003-10-18

I went to the library booksale last night and got lots of cookbooks for the girls, the advantage being that we can send them book rate. I went to the local booksale this morning but it was not much, but I did get some nice new hardbound Maeve Bincy books and some Catherine Cookson. Then, being in a book buying mood, I went to Half Price Books and got some used exercise videos and a cookbook by Mandy Patinkin's mom, and another one with recipes from the 2nd Avenue Deli in New York. This is because I am fascinated by deli food and by Jewish food. Maybe this is because of the Jewish heritage in part of my family, and also because of the Bat Mitvah I went to in high school for my best friend, Paula. The food was very interesting, and some nice little lady tried to force chopped liver on me, but I was wise to liver by that time.

I have been to many functions since, because my sister January is Jewish. At one shower, her mother-in-law served little cream puffs stuffed with chicken salad, and this was the first time I ever considered a savory cream puff as opposed to the dessert ones. January also served, at the bris for her first son, a huge salmon on a platter decorated with cucumber slices, and there were cookies and other interesting things. We made sure to go to Newman's Deli when we were in Reno, but they did not have potato salad that day, and their salad is closer to my mom's than any I have ever had in a restaurant. Instead, I had a potato knish. Actually, they are so good I could eat three of them at once, but I confined myself to one.

I just got back from Food4Less. I really like that store because it has mounds and mounds of fresh vegetables for very low prices. The quality is pretty good, and I like the feeling of bounty all around me. I got to talking to this cute young lady in the canned veg section who was buying black beans in a can. I asked her if they are any good, seeing as how I detest kidney beans, and she said they are excellent if you cook them right, like with cilantro. Well, I hate cilantro so didn't know what to make of this, but bought a can to try anyway. I know they are big in Brazil, and I know I have a recipe for feojada someplace, so I should try it.

Got a postcard today from the EG's. It sounds like they are having a bonzo time in Massachusetts, and they have so far been to Plymouth Plantation, Stockbridge, and New Bedford. They also went to visit Geoff and Roxanne and toured Yale University. Hope the fall colors were out for them, since Grandma has wanted to go see those again for years.

I am finally (after a year) remembering to take over to Jason's the Alex baby picture and the sweater I made for him when he was little. These items turned up in my mother's things afterwards, and I had asked Evan if he wanted them, and he does, but I just couldn't remember to take them over. Tonight I have a whole bag of stuff to take so maybe tonight is the night. I even remembered the BD gifts for Adam and Nathan, go me, only 4 months late.

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