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Rambling Wreck
5:11 p.m. - 2003-10-23

I came home from work and read my email. There was one from Abby telling us they are televising a football game today at which the band will be playing and it starts at about 4:30. I look at the time, it is 4:35 so I quickly turn on ESPN. You know, they waste a lot of shots showing the stupid hat and sign fans, but should really show the band more(or at all), because they work so hard. I called him at the office and told him, and he is hurrying home to catch the rest of the game.

Jason got some tickets for the De La Salle game for Matt, who may drive down and stay over this weekend. He really gets around for an 18-yr-old, working for a radio station and flying to Austin, TX, for some trade show thing, and going to concerts in The City. I would never, ever, have been allowed to do that at his age, but then I always thought I was lucky not to have a duenna.

Well, there is just not much to write about when you come home from work, rush to Jason's house, then come home and fall asleep at 8:30. But now I am well rested and ready for my Survivor and Extreme Makeover night.

P. S. At dinner, while we still watched the game, he told me that the EG's are back and called him today - big news...Roxanne is expecting! Due next April maybe he says (he is notoriously bad at gossip). Hmm...Geoff as a father...

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