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Leaves Turn Golden In Autumn's Wake
12:19 p.m. - 2003-11-02

I am finding the abrupt change in the weather very annoying. We were roasting one day, and I was actually running the AC at the end of October, and then a front came in and the temp dropped to 37 degrees that night. Of course I did not have enough covers on the bed and got the shivers. This weekend there will be snow in the Sierras but only a little rain here, and the leaves are just starting to change.

Jellie the Bean is coming over this afternoon while her parents take in a movie. I think I will teach her to make biscuits. The last time we baked something together we made chocolate cake (Wacky Cake) and frosting, and we followed the advice of Alton Brown and added a bit of cayenne pepper to the frosting. This little adventure caused me to doubt the tastebuds of Alton Brown, since you could definitely taste the chili flavor and feel the burn on your tongue. Maybe Alton does not use spices as fresh as mine.

The EG's are out of town again, having gone down to the Santa Cruz area to see an old friend, Anna Mae. Of course, Anna Mae is the reason for a funny incident at a holiday dinner at which Grandpa was going on about anime and we were all staring at him wondering how this 80-year-old guy knew anything about Japanese animation when we put it together with Anna Mae and laughed.

Well, I have been telling the spouse that he should just go down and get a new bike, and he finally took me up on it (I mean, gee whiz, I don't get to keep any of my money anyway, I should just have them automatically deposit the skinny little things in the college bank accounts, so why not spend some on him?). It is a handsome racy-looking bike and cost a mint, so my daughter steered me to the Schwinn website to look at their retro bikes. They are actually making a classic bike that looks like the one PeeWee Herman was riding in that movie, and wouldn't I love to have one in bright red?!! Well, this got me to thinking that this is a good thing to save up my birthday money for. I hope they are still making bikes like that by the time I save up enough money. I do hate a bike without a back fender, and now they are making one fully equipped again. I have seen many a biker on the bike path with a stripe up their backs in the rainy weather, and who needs that?

This morning I am cutting out some shirts and baking cookies, and I took some tritips out of the freezer for dinner. I have finally started reading the Harry Potter book and am enjoying it, but am not really liking Sirius much. Won't be too put out when they deep six him. Am needing something to knit so should start another pair of Woolease socks for him.

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