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Sleepytime Gal
5:19 p.m. - 2003-11-07

My cubicle at work is right next to Vi's, but a wall separates us, and I can't see her. She is a very nice lady of the golden years, but she has terrible allergy problems that interfere with her breathing. Sometimes she just coughs and hacks and sounds like the end is near. My boss, Sue, talked to me about it one time and told me to keep my ears open to notice whether or not Vi is in any real serious distress. I will confess that we both got the giggles about the horror of Vi actually dying in her cubicle - how long would it take us to notice?

Imagine my reaction today when Ernie came by and stood there looking into Vi's cubicle and then turned to me and asked, "Is Vi supposed to be sleeping in there?". I just stared at him, then Vi started kidding him and I realized it was just Ernie joking around. But for a minute there I thought the worst.

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