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We Gather Together
3:07 p.m. - 2003-11-15

Jane and Jellie were sick with a cold this week, so Joel and Jason and I tried to get moving on the Thanksgiving arrangements. I like to have it on Friday so that Thursday is open for all the In-Law doings, since Jason doesn't care one way or the other, and it is much easier for Auntie M to trade shifts at the hospital. She can work the holiday since everyone wants off, and can come on down the next day. I volunteered to bring the mashed potatoes and some rolls, but then got to thinking, how would I peel twenty pounds of potatoes if I have to work the Friday? However, he voluteered to do it, once I brought up all my past holiday servitude, I mean a husband should not escape all holiday toil. But when I asked about the Friday at work, it turns out we get off!!

I have been thinking about how I hate all the work of Thanksgiving, the running from one relative's house to another, because even though we are supposed to take turns, the in-laws expect us to at least put in an appearance. This gets increasingly difficult since they are choosing to move way out to the boonies. So dividing up the days works well for me.

We started to talk about dessert, and Jason tells me he does not really care for pumpkin pie. Most of us consider it merely a vehicle to transport copious amounts of whipped cream to the mouth, but I like it OK. He tells me that upon reflection, he has decided that the Pilgrims would have approved strongly of coconut cream pie, so that is what he is going to have.

My brother Evan likes to fry the turkey. I was watching several shows on the Food Channel in which this technique was used, and in one show, the camera pans over the table where at least 10 big bottles of peanut oil are lined up ready for the big turkey pot. Holy cow, have you priced peanut oil lately? That would probably cost you more that the bird himself. Much easier to just stick it in the oven.

When I first came to work at the office, there was a guy working in Major Projects who left a few months later to pursue his dream of a musical career. It is now several years later and he is coming back to work. We are all interested because would they be hiring someone on if they were going to close the office? There have also been several other hirings, so things are looking up.

A certain brother-in-law of mine has sold his upscale house, which I know because, hey, I can look anybody up and find out all their secrets because that is what I do for a living, and if certain daughters of mine want to know the sales price (which shocked even me) feel free to call your ma.

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