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Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall
5:48 p.m. - 2003-11-21

This fall has been colder than normal, after it was much hotter than normal, so the fall colors this year are spectacular. The area around my office building is very well planted, and there are trees all through the parking lot. The trees under which I park have turned cherry and orange and gold, and as they fall to the ground, their undersides show too, so the range of colors is a pleasure to the eyes. And to the feet when I kick them. I love fall.

He has been gone since Wednesday on a business trip to LA, so my week has been work, and home again to lounge around and knit. I am now making a pale yellow Wallaby that will go to one of the future babies on the horizon. I am thinking about how to translate the Wallaby into a machine knitted piece, but have not written it down yet. When I was at Jason's on Wednesday, Jellie was wearing that jacket I made for Abby out of blue patterned fleece, and it looks very good on her, even after all the use Abby made of it, but I think it may end with Jellie because of her habit of squatting down and stretching the jacket over her knees. Pretty soon it will flare out like a 50's designer piece.

I was at work today, thinking about Thanksgiving, and realized that if I was going to buy potatoes (the giant ones at Costco) I'd better hit the market today. I ended up getting the last two bags of potatoes there that weren't broken open. EG called me yesterday, making me get up from my lounging and knitting, and asked me to bring a dessert and rolls. I am going to make that pie that Jellie and I made a few weeks ago, only I am going to mix cherries and apples with a little cinnamon to spike it up. I think I am going to put some finely chopped pecans in the streusel too. I enjoy looking at the mondo meat at Costco, so I bought some rather hefty chuck roasts which are now simmering away on the stove. When he comes home from the airport tonight, the house will smell like potroast, the world's best air freshener, next to fresh-baked bread.

When I was in line at Costco, the lady ahead of me was talking to the clerk about her upcoming 20th anniversary. She said it was 23 years since she met her husband, but her husband disagreed and they argued a bit until she told him the upcoming anniversary may be their last. Then she said for the clerk to speed it up because the people in line did not want to hear any more about it, but I told the clerk that yes, we did (she didn't hear me but the clerk and I laughed). When she was gone, the clerk (a very tall and hunky black guy) told me that she had complained about the toilet paper Costco sells, and he was telling her that it is very good brand, and she said "Not for my butt!" How's that for class?

People are endlessly amusing to me. Now it's time for more lounging and knitting.

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