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The Happy Sounds Of Saturday
11:08 a.m. - 2003-11-22

Another gorgeous day! He wanted to take me out for breakfast to try out a restaurant in Danville he heard about, but when we got there it wasn't open for breakfast so we headed to Hubcaps instead. I love their hashbrowns, which taste like they are fried in bacon grease. Ah, cholesterol! I noticed that he got about a third again more hashbrowns than I did, which he chalked up to being a regular. All this Hubcapping reminded him to fix up Abby's bike for when she is home from college, so he is out there doing that now, and also some more unpleasant things.

Last night we heard knocking on the door, and the neighbors were out there (Bart and the kids) to round up their dogs, which had escaped from their yard and were scampering around ours. Well, this morning we discovered that they were more than scampering, and I had to boil pots of water to clean up the deck, while he manned the shovel for the spot on the lawn. While these people are very nice, this is incredibly annoying. If I wanted a defecating pet, I would get one of my own, thank you very much. The usual remedy of using the shovel to throw it back over the fence does not apply in this case, because they have small children and we like them.

Now I have to get my rolls started and clean up the kitchen a bit. Then I am going to sew Abby's shirt and generally enjoy life.

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