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More Thanksgiving
10:53 a.m. - 2003-11-28

It was strange being done with all of my Thanksgiving work early in the day, so I sat up in bed knitting and watching TV. I fell asleep, then had to hustle to get ready and leave, holding my beauteous pie. Best smelling car ride I have ever had.

We got to the EG's at the same time as Bev and Vic, and everyone else arrived shortly thereafter. Much comment was made about this being the first Thanksgiving without any kids whatsoever, since Aaron is spending the weekend with his Dad. EG can certainly set a lovely table, this time with a dark blue cloth and golden yellow tubby candles of various heights. I helped set the food out, but forgot my usual precaution of checking the turkey surreptitiously for doneness. It is pretty dim in the dining area, but I served myself a small piece of white meat and the rest of the stuff and sat down. He served himself the turkey leg, as usual. It quickly became apparent to me that my piece of turkey was on the pink side and the texture was not right, so I decided not to eat it. By this time he was chomping away at his leg, so it was too late for him. Then I heard EG commenting on how she didn't think she would be able to cook the turkey since it was still frozen so solid yesterday, and I knew that the poor bird was probably still underdone. Now I have to wait and see if he will be lucky and escape food poisoning, or if I will be making a hasty trip to the emergency room in 36 hours. On our way home I asked him if his leg seemed done and he said "Not as done as I would like, but oh well." Not as done as he would like!?? Then why did he eat the whole thing? Men are a continuing amazement to me. But then Craig carved it up and he would have noticed if the turkey was too raw wouldn't he??? Here's hoping.

My pie was a big hit and there is none left. I only hope I don't have to see it again.

Susie says that JTFM is working in Denver. In other news, Aaron is on an exercise program and is being very faithful with it, so that is good, and Susie has hopes of getting him into an independent living situation. Tom was in good form and cracked several very funny witticisms that made everyone laugh, but I missed them talking to Bev and Vic. Grandpa's friend, Chester, was also there. He is quiet, though my spouse tells me he used to be a jazz musician. He now lives in the assisted living place near where Sarah's mom lives, which we found out because we drove him home.

After dinner Sue came up to me and said that since I had her name in the Christmas name draw, she would again prefer that we make a donation to a charity in her name like we did last year when he had her name. Last year we gave to Project Linus, which provides cuddle blankets to seriously ill children, and now I am trying to decide who to give the donation to this year. I am going to call the police on Monday to see if they have a program (the teddy bears they carry in the cars) for traumatized kids in this area.

I don't know if it is the vitamins I take or the exercises I am doing, but I am having very vivid dreams right before I wake up. This morning I had two.

Dream One: I was back in college and all the girls were staying in one big room with the beds lined up along the wall and just about crammed in anywhere. I was trying to decide which bed to choose when I turned around and saw my cousin Janet. "What are you doing here?" I asked. She was crying so I asked her the obvious question "Has Philip died?" which would have surprised me because in real life the last report about Philip was better that I expected. Janet appeared to be a little tipsy, and said, No, it was Magdelene who was dead. I asked who the hell was Magdelene. Just then my attention was taken by the sight of a girl I used to know in high school, Berylanne. I said "Hi, Berylanne!" but she was a bit snooty, which in real life she was not. Then I noticed that all the beds were being taken away and all the students were gone. I asked Berylanne where everyone was moving to, and she told me that our room had been changed and I would know this if I would only pay attention to what was happening. So I got in her face and said "My cousin came to tell me that a family member had DIED, so pardon me for missing the information!" and she looked mortified.

Then I tried to find out where the new room was and went out into the hall. There I found the president of the university but I seemed to have lost the power of speech, though I struggled valiently to get some sound out. He handed me a pen - out of ink. Then he handed me a pencil - it wouldn't work. After more of this, I woke up.

Dream Two:

I was in a motorhome with my two girls (little again) and Joel, who was on his way to some function in the city. It was apparently Joel's motorhome. This is because of some mystery book I read recently about some elderly New Yorkers who win a Winnebago and go to Florida. We waited in the motorhome until Joel came out of some building, and I noticed two FBI type security guys skulking around. Joel said something to them when he crossed the parking lot, something like "Co Cukor". When he got into the motorhome, Joel explained that because of something that had happened in his life, he had hired security guards to follow him everywhere and keep him safe, and that was the code word he used with them.

I tried to start up the motorhome, but there was cheese nacho sauce spilled all over the dashboard, and the key got gooey. Then we heard a loud noise and saw two gang shooting victims lying in the parking lot, so we got out of there quickly. I drove around San Francisco, made a right turn, and was surprised to see people walking in my lane. It was some sort of charity "walk" and I had to get out of it so turned left onto a one way street (not one way in my direction but I made it to the corner without incident), then right, and then I woke up.

Kind of a strange way to start Thanksgiving.

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