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Forever Messy
1:45 p.m. - 2003-11-29

I went into the office (his) with him this morning to help sort some stuff, and in the course of working, I needed some paper clips. I was already borrowing some scissors and pens from the cubicle across the way, so I opened her little drawer looking for the paperclips. This woman had her paperclips all lined up horizontally in their little compartment; I have never in my life seen anything so neat and tidy.

Got to talking to Alex and Mary last night, and found out that Teffy now lives in Reno. Alex finally came through with an address for Teffy, though it is an email address, so I am going to surprise her with an email. Mary says that Teffy was asking about us at their Thanksgiving dinner, so I told Mary to tell her that I still think about her all the time. She was like my own child for 4 years, then disappeared out of my life when her mom moved away. Alex was also telling me about the big recent health scare they had with her, where she had to go into the hospital for tests, and they gave her an MRI or other brain scan. They put some sort of little pillows over her eyes to protect them during the scan. Afterwards, they told Pam and Alex that Teffy had a tumor in the speech area of her brain and that they would operate and she would never speak again, but would probably survive. So they spent three weeks all bummed out and scared until the doctors determined that the image on the films was the pillows over her eyes and there was nothing wrong with her. Don't you just love modern medicine?

After we came back from the office today having completely cleaned out his office which is now a model of neatness and efficiency (that was just a little joke for the girls; alas, it is the same pit it always was), I finished sewing the long-sleeved navy ribbed T-shirt for Abby, and it looks pretty good. While I was doing this, we watched the football game and could hear Abby's band in the background, but they never really showed it. Ticks me off. Then I watched the Everyday Italian cooking girl on the Food Channel and saw her make some very good looking grilled sandwiches which I am going to have to try. I wonder if you can grill sandwiches in a waffle iron? Oh wait, I forgot I had one of those George Forman grills - that's the ticket! I am going to go see if I still have some basil in the yard and grill me up a sandwich.

I can't get the image of those paperclips all lined up in perfect alignment out of my mind. Because you know that means I had to put them back just so.

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