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Evangelical Zeal
11:59 a.m. - 2003-11-30

I regret to inform you all that Parsonial Verbosity is a contagious disease. Today in church the pastor was out of town so Jay gave the sermon. Excuse me, but did not a delegation of decons go to the pastor et al and tell them that they wanted the service to end by 11:00? My spouse feels that this is a good marketing ploy for growth of the church, because whoever comes and languishes through an hour-long sermon will not be back. The effect of the delegation was one glorious Sunday when we were on our way home by 11:05. But that was the first and last time. Today, Jay spoke on and on, through the alarm on someone's watch that went off at 11:00, and on and on, until he said let us pray (which is a good thing when the pastor says it, but not when Jay says it) then prayed on and on and on. If this is to be our future, let them replace those church chairs with recliners, I say.

Before chuuuuuurrrrrrrch, EG called to tell us that Grandpa had to go to the hospital yesterday because of a nosebleed that wouldn't quit (he takes blood thinners) but he is home now. They didn't make it to church but he got prayed over anyway.

To fortify myself for the coming church ordeal, I had the world's most unhealthy breakfast. I had a big slab of leftover Papa Murphy's Pepperoni Pizza, which when hot dripped grease all over the plate, and a big wedge of leftover Jason's Banana Cream Pie.

Now I am going to go to Sears and buy myself another Land's End jacket in another color because they are cheap and I like this one so much, and then I am going to do laundry and sew.

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