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Down On The Farm
5:03 p.m. - 2003-12-03

I confess, I watched The Simple Life last night, but don't think I will watch it again. It was too sad. The niceness of the Arkansas family made the utter corruption of those two women (one of whom was arrested for HEROIN possession) so apparent that I knew they were doomed to a sad sad life in real time, so it was too depressing to watch. I don't really know anything about that Hilton person, but Darsey was telling me that there is some porn tape of her circulating on the internet, and this is not too surprising since she can't keep her clothes on when she is wearing them in real life - I have never seen such low slung jeans. How did they stay up, oh yeah, they didn't. Butt cleavage is not a good fashion statement; remember, it has been adopted by plumbers for decades without mainstream success.

This has without a doubt been the most beautiful fall I have ever experienced in California. Every day I drive around a bit and enjoy it.

Jason gave us one of his extra pies, and I have to remember to tell him tonight how delicious it was. I think it was better as a leftover than it was on Thanksgiving. I am going to have to ask him what kind of ready-made crust he used because it was darned good.

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