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Little Weasel Neck
5:51 p.m. - 2003-12-05

Woke up Thursday morning with a cold. Darsey felt bad because she thought I had caught her cold, but I was at Kaiser on Monday picking up meds and never have I seen the place so full of sick people, coughing their germs on all and sundry. So, even though that was not 7 days ago, I could have caught it there, I told her, and she felt better. Though really, I did catch her cold, bummer.

I told myself that I only had to get through the next two days, and then I could spend the weekend in bed, getting well, except for cleaning out the girls bedroom for their return. Oh, and I almost forgot, his birthday is Sunday and he wants me to roast a turkey. Well, that means I will have to buy an unfrozen one, because I am not going out tonight to get one, then cleaning the fridge so it will fit in to thaw. Willybird, here we come (a locally raised organic fresh turkey).

Jim from down the hall at the office is on a tear about something; I think he is dissatified with his job. He has been coming down to our department to complain about things with Vi or Darsey. Darsey told me that he was at the baseball game (company sponsored outing) with his domestic partner, who Darsey says was all Gothy, and kept trying to convince Darsey's little boy to suck on peanuts in the shell, even after Darsey pointed out that the kid would choke so cut it out. Finally D's husband told him off, then told Darsey that he felt like wringing Jim's little weasel neck. This struck me as tremendously funny, and now whenever I see Jim, which is every day, I will think about his little weasel neck.

One strange thing today - we were working away in the office when suddenly the loud sounds of bagpipe playing came from the hallway. We went out to see what was going on, and far down the long hallway between offices was some guy, not in costume or anything, playing the bagpipes, badly. Then he just went away. I told Marshall that I hoped the name of the song he was playing was not "Beware, for I am about to go on a dangerous rampage". Because it was just odd.

Now I am going to go get warm and watch some videos I got at the library.

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