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Right Back Where I Started From
11:41 a.m. - 2003-12-06

California is where you should live. It's crowded there but the
weather is perfect, except for the occasional earthquake, catastrophic fires, mudslides, smog, and major environmental disasters caused by over eager environmental activists.

What State Is Perfect For You?
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I was afraid it would turn out to be Florida, so I am relieved.

Got an email today from my long-lost child, Teffy. It sounds like she is doing well, and she still has some of the pictures I drew her. I want her to send me a recent photo so I can see what she grew up to look like. She says she remembers that time she got her hand stuck in the van door (heck, I was hoping she would forget that, she was only 4), which was one of the scariest things that happened during her time with me. We were at the grocery store, and I unloaded the the stroller and then her, and just as I was shutting the side sliding van door, she suddenly stuck her hand back in. The door locked itself on her hand. Screams ensued as I frantically tried to get my key out and unlock the door with shaking hands. Finally freed, her poor little hand had a red line across it, but was otherwise fine. Children certainly have flexible bones, because she suffered no ill effects, ever. But holy cow, was that ever scary.

Today I am going to take it easy and get over this cold, clean up the girls' room, and make some tacos with the frozen taco meat I made some weeks ago. If you have to be sick, you may as well eat tacos. Obviously, my stomach is unaffected.

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