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Home For Christmas
1:55 p.m. - 2003-12-14

Friday night he and I stayed up way too late watching a video of I Remember Mama that I got at the library. I knew he would really like it, and he did. In the morning, he and I set off for his monthly meeting with the holding corporation which is held in Marin County. I was supposed to drop him off, then shop around some until it was time to pick up Abby at the airport, at which point I was to go to the meeting and pry him out of there. He neglected to tell me that the meeting is held in an office building situated at one end of a lovely upscale mall. I had fun walking around and shopping while he did whatever they do in there, then I went in and let myself into the office suite. You could see the people in the meeting through the glass walls, and of course they all looked over at me, sitting in the waiting area. He came out and off we went to SFO. I was dying of thirst by the time we were in the airport, so I went into a bar area right near where the plane flight people were supposed to come out, and the nice barman gave me a free cup of ice water. I took a big sip and looked up and there was Abby, whose plane was early!

For awhile there, on the way to the airport, I was afraid we were going to be late, because he took a wrong turn off the freeway and we ended up driving right through downtown San Francisco, which took forever. I told him that it would have been faster to stay on the freeway, go all the way home, turn around, and come all the way back to the airport, which is true, actually. So he took a chance and got back on the freeway the first chance he had, and there was our freeway right in front of him, and then we were at the airport in 10 minutes. Usually the drive from Marin County, the home of less-than-zero urban planning, is an ugly one with scenic views of San Quentin et al, but Saturday morning after the rains it was actually pretty, and the view of the Golden Gate was very nice indeed. It has been a few years since I have driven across the Golden Gate (loving Marin County the way I do).

Abby and I did a little grocery shopping to stock up for her yearly Christmas bake-a-thon, then I planned to watch the Japanese shows, but evidently did not, as I remember nothing past 7:30 or so. I think I was tired from staying up late the night before.

Today we went to lunch with the EG's after church, and heard a few funny stories. EG told me that she had put on her shoes to go out shopping yesterday and it hurt so much that she knew her arthritis was attacking her foot, so she dosed herself up with Advil and set out. By the time she was home again, her foot was really killing her, so she took off her shoe and out fell one of Grandpa's tie pins, which had been poking her foot the whole time. Then Grandpa told me that he had set his Bible down on the top of the car before driving to church, and of course, all of his notes etc are now blowing all over town, though he did still find the Bible itself on the top of the car when he got to church.

When we were waiting in the restaurant to be seated, the EG's sat down on the settee near the door of the restaurant, and the rest of us were standing. Grandpa said to me that there was room next to him and to sit down. I sat, and said to him, "You just wanted me to block the draft from the door, didn't you?" and as we both laughed, he confessed that yes, that was his motive.

I decided to get the dirt on JTFM, so asked if they had heard anything from him in the six or so months that he has been gone. They said that he has contacted no one, not even his mom. So naturally, I asked if he had left in a snit, and they said probably yes. They said that his mom had gotten fed up with his freeloading and bringing so many questionable personages to the house, and I guess his smarminess wasn't enough to smooth things over. Well, being on the outs with your mom is understandable, though he is really 10 years past the age for that, but giving the short shrift to your grandparents after all they have done for you and after they have written and phoned you, is less than good conduct. He is not my favorite nephew.

I have bought one Christmas present.

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