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80 West Goes to San Rafael
4:07 p.m. - 2004-01-03

My baby girl went back to college today, and I feel like I missed most of her visit home, because I was sick, and he was sick too. We are still coughing and feeling tired, but hopefully on the mend. We did manage to squeeze in a lot of activities, but this year Christmas was weird. New Year was better because I went to the cheapy video place and rented 6 videos. We watched Terminator 3, Hollywood Homicide, The Hulk, Millenium Actress (anime), TombRaider 2, and tonight will watch Legally Blond 2. Melissa brought CD's home with her, and last night we saw Murder by Numbers, which I really enjoyed, bringing to mind the old Leopold and Leob case. My father has always been interested in Clarence Darrow, so I was familiar with the history. At first I was reluctant to watch it, because I thought it would have stupid teenager characters, but it was beautifully cast and well acted, and Sandra Bullock was surprisingly good.

My other daughter, who has resisted interest in the needle arts, was suddenly bitten by the knitting bug this week. I got her the book, Stitch and Bitch, which seemed to fit her style, and she read it and taught herself to knit. So I stocked her up with needles and she is going to make herself a hat with kitty ears. I decided to redraft the Wallaby pattern to give it side seams, which I know defeats the original purpose, but then I can make it faster on the machine. To test out my pattern, I am hand knitting a size two in a lovely cherry red, rich deep color. I just fused the pocket.

I also attempted the beading technique that Sandy-at-work used on the necklace she made me for my birthday, and I failed twice, but finally got it going and now have about 6 inches done. So now I have two projects that I can work on while I am lazing around. I don't know why I do not want to work on the cornmeal colored sweater that has been hanging around for a year, all it needs are the sleeves. I just have to wait for inspiration to strike.

Melissa and I went to IKEA today, mostly to eat meatballs and gravy, but we looked around at the stuff she is interested in getting when she gets her own apartment. Then we got on the wrong freeway and headed toward San Rafael, but took the University Avenue exit in Berkeley and went by a huge Art Store, so of course had to stop and check it out. Very very nice. I found a birthday gift for Jason and a jar of archival paste for Grandma G's recipes. Then we drove to Lafayette and checked in at the two yarn shops in town, and now I am home, very tired.

I am going to go knit on my bed and watch the cooking shows I recorded.

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