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5:22 p.m. - 2004-01-08

Not content with training me in the xerox room, I am now training on the recording desk, an assignment from hell. It is so complicated that I wonder how anyone learns to do all the stuff. It is not task oriented, but time-of-day oriented with all the stuff you have to do revolving around delivery and pick-up times. Not too many people are good teachers so most of the instruction is disjointed and confusing. Good thing I write everything down. However, I feel like too many people are jamming too many things into my brain too fast, and I think I need to lie down for awhile. One funny thing was that this morning I ran into Carol from the xerox room. When I told her I would be training on the recording desk, a totally sympathetic look came over her face and she said "Oh, I AM sorry!" It was very funny, but scary too.

We are going out to dinner tonight because it is Melissa's last night of vacation before going back to Texas. We are thinking Italian. There is a restaurant near here that makes the best dried-tomato-pesto-type spread for their bread (baked right in the restaurant). I could sit there all night and just eat that. I like fettucini noodles with interesting sauces, mostly not red. There used to be a restaurant in Almond River that made a dried tomato cream sauce that was terrific, but the restaurant is no more.

I am tired of thinking about what evil will befall me in the office tomorrow so I will go rest now. My recording desk adventure will be over at the end of next Wednesday.

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