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If I Had A Hammer
12:48 p.m. - 2004-01-10

I got up this morning (eventually) after sitting up and watching cooking shows, sewing together my Wallaby, and generally feeling comfy and cozy. After a bit of puttering, I went out back to do some laundry and saw muddy dog footprints all over the back porch, right up to the back door. There were also more gigantic dog prints all over the deck. I saw that a wide board in the fence was down, so the neighbors' humongous dogs were making a mess of our yard.

Then I went to the fabric store to buy a small notion, and on a whim, I drove to the used-book store. After looking around there for a bit, I looked up, and there he was looking at me and laughing. I thought he said he was going to be in the office all morning, but I guess he came home early. When we both got home, I showed him the dog mud, and he decided to fix the fence first. I made my lovely lunch (two slices of fried spam, and 2 egg-and-toasts, and juice), and watched more cooking shows. Out the french doors I saw him waving the hammer and running wildly across the deck over to the garage, then heard him yelling, and the giant dog came into view as he chased it toward the fence. This excitement must have caught the fancy of the kids next door because pretty soon they were hanging through the hole in the fence and trying to pull their mammoth doggy through the slit. They succeeded too. Then they helped with the fence repair. Sarah told me that the dogs' names are Raider and Buddy, so now I can liven up my swearing at the animals with their proper names as they befoul my yard.

Now he is washing the deck and back porch.

As soon as my cooking shows are over, I am going to watch one of the videos and work on my recording desk notes. Movie review from last night: The Italian Job was very entertaining, not at all what I expected. I thought it was one of those "how to pull off a crime" capers like Topkapi et al, but right away it was a revenge movie, and I am very into revenge. About halfway through I told him how it was going to end, mentioning the Ukrainians, and I was exactly right. Being able to guess the ending and plot twists does not impair my enjoyment - it is fun to show off. Movie Review from today: I watched Unconditional Love, and this movie was so good that it makes it to my all-time-favorites list. I loved the murder mystery, the characters, the daughter-in-law, everything. Great time at the movies.

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