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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
5:34 p.m. - 2004-01-16

After I finished the training, I felt so much more relaxed and appreciative of my usual duties. I hope I never ever have to work on the recording desk again. I have had two pleasant days at my old familiar desk and now I have a lovely 3-day weekend to look forward to.

Today was Darsey's last day at work, and she came to say goodbye to me (I was out in the plant and she was leaving early). She gave me a hug and thanked me for all the wisdom I had unknowingly imparted to her. She has been considering staying home with her kids for a long time, and often asked me how I managed it without dire financial consequences. I told her you just do without things, and get on with life, because the kids are more important than things. She told me she used to go home and tell her husband about things I had told her (like how I saved money by planning meals and not getting much take-out or fast food) and her husband would say "Just who IS this Cindy??" This cracks me up. I did not know I was influencing anyone, but am glad I did, because life will be much better for her boys.

He and I went to the library last night after dinner, and I got the Book-On-Tape, UP ISLAND by Anne Rivers Siddons. I am enjoying it very much, except for the initial wussiness of the heroine, and as a plus, it takes place in Atlanta.

I do not know what I am doing this weekend, but I might start working on my carcoat pattern, because I really need a coat with a hood. Right now, I am going to go finish up dinner: BBQ pork, french fries, and some veggie or other.

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