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4:15 p.m. - 2004-01-19

This weekend was very productive for me, as my energy comes back to normal after the doctor realized he over-prescribed for me, and took me off the diaretic for blood pressure. He said I was getting good enough control without it. This weekend I changed the sheets, made two necklaces, put up the new smoke alarms, made him some brownies, did grocery shopping, bought myself some new blouses, exercised, ironed shirts, cleaned the dryer vent, and that was only yesterday. It is nice to feel peppy again.

Today I am having fun shopping around, because I am going to do a modified Sugar Busters eating plan, allowing myself potatoes and corn tortillas, but making sure that most of the grain products I eat are whole grain. I forgot I was on the way to the book store and parked at the fabric store instead, (it is just down the street from the book store, and I was on automatic pilot) so went in and spent a bunch of money at their sale. They were having half off the sale price of all sale fabrics, so I found some nice linen and a cute purple batik one of the girls might like for a shirt and some lovely suede cloth. I went to Costco and got lots of lettuce and some cottage cheese, and some peanut butter. I have been missing peanut butter, which I like to have for breakfast on the go.

Yesterday he asked if I wanted to go to the movies, so off we went to the Shoot Out Theatre downtown. Once up to the window, however, he realized that we had just missed the bargain matinee time and, he wasn't eager to pay $9.00 for Cold Mountain. He asked if I really wanted to see the movie $18 worth, and no, I did not, so he suggested we go to Barnes & Noble instead. Once there, he bought himself several books, and bought me a book that cost $35, so all in all, the movie would have been much cheaper. I got 1000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy, which is excellent, as is the other book in the series, 1000 Mexican Recipes, which I already own. I think there is a 1000 Indian Recipes too, but I am not fond of Indian food for some reason.

My daughter just called and told me about, so I think I'll go look at it right now.

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