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Out and About
10:09 a.m. - 2004-01-24

I was thinking today about the amazing amount of beauty in the world, big things and small, that are there to see if we just look. I am fortunate to have been to lots of places and seen many sights, and to have the desire to visit many more. My narcissi are blooming in the strip by the driveway, and have been in bloom for awhile now in that crazy fooled-by-the-weather way. They smell wonderful, a fragrance that I love because once, when I was first dating the future spouse, he took me on a drive out to the Winters area and we walked through an orchard in the early spring. There were many small narcissi blooming in between the trees, and the fragrance reminds me of young love and happy times. In addition to these blooms, my heirloom roses have one pink cabbage rose blooming in its perfection by the orange tree. A little gift from heaven in the middle of winter.

It is about time to start on my Saturday errands. I am going to go pick up some meds for Abby, return some books to the library, (in fact, that is why I logged on, to get the list off the library site, but got distracted), and maybe run down to the bead store. I really wish we had a good yarn store around here. Way back when the girls were little, there was a lovely shop right there in the nearby strip shopping center, but that closed down, and is now a bagel place. Too bad, it closed right before knitting got popular again. Melissa tells me that in Texas the Hobby Lobby has more than one whole aisle full of yarn. We do not have Hobby Lobby here, only Michaels and WalMart. It is not as though I do not already own enough yarn to keep me busy for decades, and enough books and pamphlets to stock a store of my own.

Off to do my errands.

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