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Still $175 Short
5:01 p.m. - 2004-01-28

I was slaving away on four files on the same new subdivision, when the Big Lady Boss came up and asked me to go to her office. Hurray, I thought, I'm fired! I envisioned a life of poverty and ease, waking up late, sewing, and living life to the fullest. But alas, it was not to be. She gave me a bonus instead. While I should be delighted, I know from last year that over half of it will disappear into the mists of taxation, so why get excited? Anyway, she asked me how I liked my cross training, and I told her I liked the mailroom but hated the recording desk, so at least it is known at the highest levels that I do not ever want to work there again. I took the opportunity to tell her how impressed I was by Jennie, who works the recording desk now, so hopefully she will remember that.

I am finally reading a Tony Hillerman novel. I tried several times before but could never get into the Southwestern schtick, but then I saw Skinwalkers on PBS and liked it very much. Now that I can picture the characters in my mind, because the PBS movie was very well cast, I am giving Hillerman another try. This time it is a book on tape, A Thief of Time, and I was curious to see if Emma, Joe Leaphorn's wife, had gotten well yet (in the movie she was sick). However, when this book begins she is dead, so I can take it from that that she is not going to recover.

I told my boss today that I would like to have off on a Friday in February. I always tell them that I am going to a conference, but really, I am going to Stitches and buy knitting stuff. That is a conference, sort of. I am saving up my spending money, but have no idea yet what I would like to spend it on. Usually I get hardware and books, but sometimes there is an interesting video that I like. Last year I got a computer program that used up most of my money in one swoop, but I love the program and still use it.

Jason called me last night to tell me that one of his favorite movies was on (The Hot Rock) and that the Afghanistan Bananastan scene was about to begin. Of course, now when I listen to the news at work and they talk about Afghanistan, my mind always puts in "Bananastan". Takes the seriousness out of the news at least. While I was watching the movie, I realized that I do not like Robert Redford, and never have. He is just too pretty for most of the parts he plays.

I had better go get ready to go to Jason's. I want to round up all the stuff Jellie has left over here so that I can give it to her.

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