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Hasta Pasta
5:29 p.m. - 2004-01-29

At work we are now all doing on-line timesheets. I made an error on mine today and gave myself 13 hours of overtime! This was funny because Sandy had a computer error on her timesheet that told the powers-that-be that she was sick all week, when in truth she was slaving away with the rest of us.

I went over to Kaiser today to try to get my tetanus shot, but got the royal runaround - Go to this building, no, go to that building, no go to that building. I am too tired for that crap, so I will wait until the day off I have scheduled in February. I will come back from Stitches, then drive to the Kaiser in the neighboring town and get my shot. I had forgotten that I needed a tetanus shot until I went for my checkup two weeks ago and saw that my last one expired in 2002. I was wondering why the doctor did not tell me about it, but the next day, my husband asked me for the receipt for Abby's glasses which she got way last summer. I had a moment of panic wondering what the heck I could have done with it, but I started looking through my old purse, and there it was! Also in the purse was the requisition slip for my tetanus shot given to me by the doc last spring. I had completely forgotten about it. Due to my enviable grace and poise (not to mention luck), I am a person who really needs an up-to-date tetanus shot. I have been out in the garden in my flip flops when a random twig completely gored my footwear and poked my foot.

Last night Jason made a new pasta dish with spaghetti, and a sauce made by mixing one jar of the dried tomato cream sauce I gave him in his birthday gift basket with one jar of alfredo sauce. It was quite good. We were eating it up when Joel commented that it tasted just like an Italian Kraft Dinner which, once he mentioned it, it did. I took over the bead kit that Jellie left on the hall shelves about three years ago along with a tote bag I had made for the shop, but which didn't sell. She was delighted with the beads, having forgotten all about them, so it was like a present to her. She and Jane were busy planning the bracelets they would make with it. Every Wednesday now, Jellie goes through Jason's paper to find her "Current Event" for school. We have fun suggesting unsuitable articles from the business section. Last night I showed her one about the Mars landing so she cut that one out.

I don't feel much like cooking tonight so I think I will get out those not-too-awful fish thingies in the freezer. Tomorrow is the end-of-the-month namerun, so it will be an early night and and early rising, and one hell of a morning.

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