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Ode To Spring
6:14 p.m. - 2004-02-03

I enjoyed the Survivor premiere, but I thought that it would be two hours long, so I was surprised when it ended. I haven't decided yet who I will be cheering for, because I like Rudy, Richard and Rupert. Hmm, all R's.

I was going to sew on Sunday while the hub went over to Jason's to watch the game on big TV, but he wanted me to make dinner and take it over to them, so I did. Since I wouldn't be watching the game, I recorded it to watch the commercials later. When all the halftime brouhaha erupted, I played the tape to see what happened, and wouldn't you know, the tape ran out just as halftime began. I have bad VCR luck.

I was so desperate for something to knit, that I actually started working on the cornmeal-colored sweater again. I think the holdup was that I would have to figure out the decreases for the sleeve, but when I was looking through my little family measurement book, I saw that I already had! I knew I had, but I thought I had written it cleverly on a scrap of paper and then lost it, but there it was in my little book. That sweater is so heavy, it is nice to work on it while it is freezing.

I saw the first almond blossoms today on the street near the police station. Can spring be far behind?

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