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4:46 p.m. - 2004-02-10

A very productive weekend! I cut out two pairs of pants and two shirts, and last night I sewed the buttons on the grey wool shirt, finishing it off. I can't find my cone of black thread though, but never mind, it was getting low so I had ordered a new one, and I have that one. I love my cone thread.

EG called the other day, but she spoke to him, and since he is so terrible about passing along gossip, I know nothing. They were not in church this weekend, since they are off visiting some old friends. The Colorado School of Mines family was there, and I talked to the dad about the new kids. He says that there is a lot of adjustment to get used to, as would be expected when you yank two little kids away from their country, language, home, and everything they have ever known. He said that they speak English mostly now, except to each other, which is amazing. Less than six months to be fluent in another language! They look happy and perky. Sorry to report that Frank was very sick and got out of the hospital last week, but looks fine now. The new youth minister's wife was wearing another sweater that looked great on her, but I wondered if it was hand loomed or purchased. It was a lace rib in a fairly large gauge (maybe 6 sts to the inch) in a soft moss green that looked great on her, with a ribbed collar, buttons up the front, and three-quarter length sleeves. I was wondering if maybe her mom or someone had made it on a machine for her, but today at work Teri walked by in the exact same sweater only in pink, so that answers that question.

Last night I could tell that he was upset when he came home from work, so after a question from me, he told me that he had mislaid an important file at work, and had come home early to look for it. No luck with that, so after dinner he went back to the office, and after two hours I got a good call that he had found it in one of the many piles. It must be hard for him now that he is half in one office and half in the other. So it all worked out fine, except that he was gone all evening.

The weather is still cold but warming up a bit, and it was sunny and lovely today. He and I might take a drive up to the Gold Country one of these weekends to buy some slate for walkways in the garden, because you know I love, love, love slate. I think it even comes in different colors, too. We have an odd wedge-shaped piece that was here when we bought the house, and I want more.

I think I will make chowder for dinner.

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