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Friday The 13th
5:09 p.m. - 2004-02-13

"We have to leave for work early today because I am taking the Honda in for its 45,000 mile checkup", he says, so he leaves first in the truck, and I follow in the Honda. It is 6:45 am. I stop at the light a few blocks back from the theater, when BAM! Some lady rearends me. My first reaction was 'what did I do?' but the light was still red, so totally her fault. Meanwhile the light changed and my oblivious husband drove off to the Honda place. I leaped out of the car and gave the back end a quick look and told the lady to follow me. And she did. Really, she could have driven off by turning at the next corner and disappeared, but she was honest.

At the Honda place I told him as he got out of the car what had happened, and the poor lady pulled in behind us, scared, because she thought he was the guy in front of me on the road that she had pushed me into. Introductions were made, and it turns out that this was her first day of work and she was nervous about that anyway, then has a car accident. Her car was smooshed in the hood, but ours only had the cover on the tire torn. Well, the cover is going to cost her almost $200, but she did not hurt me, so she is lucky indeed. My neck does not even hurt.

That CRV is well designed. The tire in the back takes most of the impact, leaving the car OK. I was glad he was there to handle everything, though, and how convenient was it that it was going in for a checkup anyway?

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