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Oh, THAT'S Where That Was
8:05 p.m. - 2004-02-22

I spent the whole three-day weekend, with the exception of going to Stitches, in a massive cleanout of the sewing room closet. I am too ashamed to describe what a mess it was before, but by way of illustration, when Melissa called and I told her that we took the lawyer's bookcase out of the sewing room, she said "What bookcase?" because you couldn't even see it. Now the closet (which you can now actually see and approach) is full of nice stacked clear plastic boxes full of patterns, yarn and stuff I wanted to save from school days of the girls. I thought we would just empty the closet, pile up the stuff in the livingroom, throw away about half, and put the rest away neatly, taking up about two hours of my weekend. What a dreamer! It took two and a half full days and I am really tired. I definitely do not want to be in that room when the next earthquake strikes. The headline will read, 'Woman killed by falling fabric!'

So I don't have much to report, having not had much of a weekend. I am actually looking forward to sitting calmly at my desk at work and resting.

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