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Time Warp
6:12 p.m. - 2004-02-26

Working hard this week, because I was on loan to the Major Projects department because both of the word processors were sick. And of course, now that I am back in my own department, my work has backed up, and about 33 new files have come in. Meanwhile, outside, we are on the back end of a huge storm. The rain came down in buckets and sheets, and any other cliche you can think of. Poor Vi came into the office with her shoes off, having walked through what she thought was a shallow puddle on the walk out front of the building, only to have the water come up to her ankles.

Last night, I came home in the rain and started making lentil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. At about 6:30 I got to wondering where he was, when the announcer on the TV said what day it was, and somehow I was a day off! It was Jason night! That substituting for another department threw me off my schedule. I turned off all the burners, threw on my jacket, and I was out the door. When I got there, Jane and Jellie were already there, and they said they were wondering where I was, since I am always there first. Over dinner, I told El Beano that I had found a twirling stick with a ribbon on the end (for ribbon dancing) in the sewing room. She and Jane were amazed, because Jellie thought she lost it when she was 4, and has been looking around the house for it since, and Jane thought they had given it away ages ago. Then I had a memory flash about how I used to be annoyed by that thing, can't remember now why, so had hidden it away in the sewing room so that she wouldn't think of it. Maybe she used to flap it in my face, but I don't think that was it.

Everyday I stand in the doorway of the sewing room and admire its new organized beauty. I even got rid of some old patterns (let's face it, the eighties are not coming back, fashionwise).

He wants to go see that Passion of Christ movie on the weekend, but I hear it is sort of violent, and that always gives me nightmares and related horrors, so maybe I will just send him off to watch it. Hasn't been a movie for a while that I am anxious to see. What happened to all those great blockbusters? You know that 9 bucks is way too much for a chick flick.

He just called me to tell me he will be late home, so I get to goof around for an hour. Which I am doing already.

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