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Leap Year Day
1:58 p.m. - 2004-02-29

I will mention no names but only say that we went out to lunch after church (our treat) and were treated ourselves to a horrifying description of some acquaintance of theirs who has cellulitis and ghastly (described in detail) oozing sores over her body, possibly facing amputation. Does this strike you as good dining table conversation?? I was glad I only ordered chicken soup.

There is a new family in church who have an older girl and three little boys. They are interesting looking - I think, in my fanciful way, that they look like a family from Down East somewhere, very wholesome and nice in a Maine kind of way. The mom now sings with the worship team, and I got to hear her for the first time today. She has a big clear voice that is a pleasure to hear, in contrast to her petite pretty self. It is a real thrill to be in the same room with an excellent voice. I just wish they would expand their repertoire, I am tired of the same old hymns. They hardly ever sing #211, O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus, my favorite.

He was gone yesterday to the Corte Madera meeting, then to the office, so I wrote myself a list, then got busy. I vacuumed the dust off the power strip behind the sewing machine, washed socks, changed sheets, flipped the mattress, washed and dried the bedspread, made triple chocolate chunk cookies, cleaned the drain basket in the dishwasher, did grocery shopping, did laundry, and started a new weight lifting routine. I had picked up a new exercise book at the used book store and liked the routine, but when I was trying it out, I got confused and did the Iron Woman routine instead of the regular. At first I thought to myself that this is way too hard, my muscles were shaking with fatigue, until I realized I had read the page wrong. It was supposed to take 15 minutes but took over an hour, so I guess I am more of an Iron Woman than I thought. Today I am going to do the second half. I am trying to find a program that will fit into my morning before work, and this one had upper body one day, and lower body the next, and boy, is it tough, but good.

I am going to put in a plug here for 1na Garten, the Baref00t C0ntessa. Yesterday, the grocery store had ground turkey on sale for buy one, get one free, so I ended up with two packages and decided to try a recipe I had seen her make on her show - turkey meatloaf. Sounds vaguely repulsive, but I tried it, and it was excellent. The technique was interesting with sauteed onions and thyme, then quite a bit of Worchestershire sauce. The flavor of the meatloaf was very very good, and very beefy, strangely enough, excellent flavor balance.

Right now he is getting ready to put up a contraption in my sewing room to hang my quilting hoops from and is reading the instructions to the stud finder with laser leveler I got him for his birthday. This should lower the "Oh, @^#%$^#!!!" part of the job quite a bit, since he now should be able to find the studs. Things are actually shaping up around here.

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