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Election Day, Level One
7:31 p.m. - 2004-03-02

America is endlessly amusing. I went to vote today, and the polling place is held at the house of some East Indian people around the corner. There's the flag flying, and you go up to vote and they greet you in their heavy accents. Is that America or what? I wish the old timers were as proud to be American as these people were.

We have a system we use where my husband marks up my sample ballot for me, showing me how he wants me to vote. I appreciate this, since some of the initiatives are confusing, and he is very knowledgeable about all that political stuff. I don't necessarily vote the way he does all the time, but lately I found out that he thinks I do. After the recall election, when he found out I had voted for Arnold (winning for a change felt mighty good, I must say) he was really surprised that I had not voted the way he expected me to. It was very funny. Now when he marks up the ballot, he tells me it is only a suggestion, having found out I am more of a cypher than he thought.

Today was gorgeous beyond belief. Sunny and springy with blossoms all around. I was wearing my brown shirt today. I made a bunch of outfits out of this crepey fabric that some people think is silk, but goes right in the washer and dryer. I wear them a lot to work, and they have always been comfortable. I took one of the shirts to Texas when we went out there last fall, and I didn't last one day in that weather but felt steamy and totally uncomfortable. So I guess that fabric only works in California weather. Next time I go out to Texas, I am wearing only cotton and linen, and surprisingly, rayon crepe, which was very comfortable. Humidity is not something a Californian gets used to easily.

Today I woke up from a nightmare about staying in a hotel with the family, and on coming back from an outing, found that the maids had thrown all our stuff in a big heap in the middle of the room, and my purse was missing. In real life, I went to work, voted on my lunch hour, came home, made some appointments on the phone, then went to Food4Less, then home to cook pozole, now typing on computer. Not a scintillating day, but good.

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